You are Wasting Your Time!

Why people waste time making fun of others? Why not be nice and give good comments, why not make someone's day instead of ruining it. Give it a thought. - aak92


This is the Time

This is the story of your life A book with you on the cover A movie starring you   What will be the next scene you should add?   You got the page and pen Let's live the life that you will write for you   Because This is the time The time to step out and shine This is the... Continue Reading →

Daddy, I Wish You Were Here

Holding her father's hand Crossing to a land That was ahead   She loosened her grip on her father's hand From time to time 'Cause she wanted see the world She wanted to soar   But whenever darkness prevailed Or a monster jumped at her in broad daylight She shrank back, tightened her grip  ... Continue Reading →

A Time for Goodbye…

Here you are, Preparing to start a new beginning.   Here I am, Thinking that soon your face will fade away.   Now you are here  and Soon you will be gone.   Just the thought  Make the tears come into my eyes.   Know sooner or later everyone have to go, But I have always been bad... Continue Reading →

After All Those Years……….

Yesterday we got together, After all those years.   You haven't changed much, And it is a good thing.   We sat together, After all those years.   We talked, And remembered the times of our good old days.   Do you remember this? Do you remember that?   We kept on talking, And got... Continue Reading →

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