Islam, Veiling and Society

Isn't it funny how the society says, "Do not judge a book by its cover." But then it turns and go about judging the girls/women in cover. What's wrong with this, if a lady covers herself with a decent dressing or a dupatta or a scarf or hijabs and gowns or niqab? Huh? Our religion,... Continue Reading →


Understanding Is What Matters

Sometimes people who don’t talk much about the reason behind their stressed face, the hollow look in their eyes; they are going through a lot. You don’t always have to know. Sometimes simple understanding and a hug is enough. -aak92

Can’t Let Go

I can't talk about you, Without hesitation, Without crying my eyes out, Without going back in my head, To the day, I lost you.   I may hold back my tears, Because they think that, Now is the time, To let go.   But I tried and failed I think I am gonna hang on... Continue Reading →

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