Finding Peace on a Rainy Day

Closing her eyes, She raised her head, Into the wind, And felt it flit across her face.   Reaching her soul, It made her forget, All the worries, that were bringing her distress.   A little drizzling joined the breeze, Falling on her face, and bringing out the smile, Enabling her to feel the peace.... Continue Reading →


Islam, Veiling and Society

Isn't it funny how the society says, "Do not judge a book by its cover." But then it turns and go about judging the girls/women in cover. What's wrong with this, if a lady covers herself with a decent dressing or a dupatta or a scarf or hijabs and gowns or niqab? Huh? Our religion,... Continue Reading →

Inner Strength

Got to find your inner strength Can’t throw your life away * You relay on them? So where they are when you are in a puddle * Be with them But do not kill your soul Because, In the end, all there is left is you * You are unique You matter as much as... Continue Reading →


She loves us with her heart and soul She loves us without a doubt   She is always there when you need her Always there to catch you when you fall   When you are feeling down and low She will be there to cheer you up   She is the blessing of Allah Almighty... Continue Reading →

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