Shattered Pieces

There are days when

She herself is shattered into million pieces

But if she gets the chance to tape someone’s pieces together

She takes it


When they walk away, happy

A smile appears on her face

Only to be washed away by the thought

Will there be someone for her

Someone who can take time to patch her up


Looking at her shattered pieces

And the high walls, she screens herself with

She laughs a little

Her door opens to all

But she ain’t gonna step in just about any body’s house


Afraid to put herself out in the world

She keeps her shattered pieces to herself

You can tell, she ain’t feeling ‘on the top of the world’

But her lips her sealed…




Just say to Yourself that You are Happier than Many…

Sometimes in life you feel so blue,

But someone somewhere is not as happy as you.

Far at the border when a soldier sleeps,

Missing his loved ones he silently weeps.

Somewhere a mother painfully signs,

Because her new born baby didn’t open the eyes.

When reason to smile you may not have any,

Just say to yourself that you are happier than many.


Don’t You Forget……

She got a smile,

That only heaven can make.
I pray to God everyday,
That she gets to keep that smile, on her face.
She is
A daddy’s princess,
A mommy’s angel,
A sparkle for her brother and sisters.
She can change your life,
But don’t you forget to beautify hers too.
She is a good listener,
But hear her out too.
She can sacrifice her needs for you,
But don’t you forget to fulfill hers too.
She can be a good companion,
But you got to stay by her side too.
When she is sad,
Cheer her up.
When she is happy,
Just don’t you forget
She is our sweet princess,
our beautiful angel.
She is our shine,
our sparkle.

Just don’t forget.


Wrote it for my sister-like-cousin’s husband as a request.