Finding Peace on a Rainy Day

Closing her eyes, She raised her head, Into the wind, And felt it flit across her face.   Reaching her soul, It made her forget, All the worries, that were bringing her distress.   A little drizzling joined the breeze, Falling on her face, and bringing out the smile, Enabling her to feel the peace.... Continue Reading →


Shattered Pieces

There are days when She herself is shattered into million pieces But if she gets the chance to tape someone’s pieces together She takes it   When they walk away, happy A smile appears on her face Only to be washed away by the thought Will there be someone for her Someone who can take... Continue Reading →

Still Your Baby Girl…

She is big and strong You raised her well But hey mom and dad Don't leave just yet   She is still your baby girl   She still gets scared She still cries under her pillow She still needs you  She still wants you   She is still your baby girl   Her fears have grown from... Continue Reading →

Create Your Own Fairy-tale

They say the world is a place without magic, What if they are wrong? They say there are no happy endings, What if they are mistaken? * You! Yes you. You hold the key to your very own fairy tale. * Be kind and gentle like Snow White. Be free-spirited and tough like Merida. Be... Continue Reading →

In this Big Big World

A lot of people gonna hurt you In this big big world   But you gotta stand up Because you are stronger Than what this cruel cruel world has to offer   Remember this, my friend These back-stabbers, these gossipers, these leeches Are not worth your attention   Focus on something better Like you Like... Continue Reading →

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