Shattered Pieces

There are days when She herself is shattered into million pieces But if she gets the chance to tape someone’s pieces together She takes it   When they walk away, happy A smile appears on her face Only to be washed away by the thought Will there be someone for her Someone who can take... Continue Reading →


Just A Dream

You were standing there, right in front of me Smiling that sweet smile of yours   My mind said,"Not possible". My heart screamed, "Embrace it."   I ran and hugged you tight It felt so real, so comfy   Thought I will never let go But then my eyes opened   I sat up Ran... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side

Memories play in her mind Some lost to unconsciousness Some forgotten over time   How much time has passed One look at now One look at then Seems to say: Quiet a lot   Back then, things seemed pretty easy With her family by her side She had nothing to fear With her friends there... Continue Reading →

Unrealistic Desire

Looking back where he is everywhere And looking forward where he will never be She cries * Remembering the memories of him And thinking about the memories where he will never be She cries * Recalling the moment he was there Remembering the next he was gone She cries * Cries because she still looks for him In... Continue Reading →

No One’s a Loser

Born in a semi-arid city January 9th She made it into this world   She has been a trouble since the day she got here And she will be one 'till the day she disappears   At home, she was the girl who never did anything right Always a disappointment, a permanent headache   In school,... Continue Reading →

Daddy, I Wish You Were Here

Holding her father's hand Crossing to a land That was ahead   She loosened her grip on her father's hand From time to time 'Cause she wanted see the world She wanted to soar   But whenever darkness prevailed Or a monster jumped at her in broad daylight She shrank back, tightened her grip  ... Continue Reading →

A Poem for Grandpa

You were almost eighty-five But as active as five   You were there for us all your life But we got tired in just thirteen days   None of us ever realized that we will lose you This way, this fast   But we are glad Allah took you away peacefully May you enter His... Continue Reading →

You weren’t there…

When I woke up on this day I saw the colors I heard the laughter Everything was bright and clear   But when I tried to look for you I couldn’t see you, I couldn’t find you   It made me want to scream To cry until I made a stream   Why can’t you... Continue Reading →

Reality of Human Beings

When a baby comes into this world He seems to be happy He tries to learn things He seeks answers He wants to see more He wants to soar   But what can a baby do When he is called back Back to his creator Nothing, nothing at all Because that's the reality of Human... Continue Reading →

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