How to Get Someone to Pray for You

Logon ko 'DUA' ke liye kehney sy ziyada betar hai Ap aisey amal karo ke 'LOGON' ke 'DIL' se ap ke liye 'DUA' nikley. * Instead of asking people to 'PRAY' for you, It is better that you do such deeds, that they 'PRAY' for you from the depth of their hearts.


What’s New?

It is not important to have something new in your life, every day. Just pray that whatever is going on, goes on well. - aak92

Where are We Heading???

Few days back, I was listening to this horrible news on T.V that really shook me. I felt some strong vibes passing through my body. And not the good or normal kind, but undoubtedly the bad ones. This is how it goes: A family was going in a car: father, daughter and daughter-in-law. While on... Continue Reading →

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