What Comes Naturally…

If one can take minutes even hours from their precious little time, to give negative feedback then I don't think so, it should be much of a bother for them to say something nice, for a change. But I guess, sometimes it is. Probably because they are so used to giving negative feedback that it... Continue Reading →


Create Your Own Fairy-tale

They say the world is a place without magic, What if they are wrong? They say there are no happy endings, What if they are mistaken? * You! Yes you. You hold the key to your very own fairy tale. * Be kind and gentle like Snow White. Be free-spirited and tough like Merida. Be... Continue Reading →


You are just different and there is nothing wrong with being different. You know people throw stones at things that shine so just shine a little brighter and blind those who want to bring you down. -aak92

Modest Person

Let me tell you about a girl I know, She is the tomboy of our class.   Sometimes she is all tough and bold, Sometimes she is nervous and a little too cautious.     No matter what people say, I will never wish for her to change.   She got an inspiring personality, Though... Continue Reading →

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