Is This Life Yours?

They tell you, you are good for nothing,

Are you going to believe them?

They tell you, this is not your path to walk on,

Are you going to step off?


This is your life,

And you hold the key to your own door.

The path is going to be bumpy,

Warn you, you might get scratched on the way.


It is not going to be easy,

Finding your footing in this big, big world.

But I can tell you this,

It will be worth it.


So, princes and princesses

Are you going to let people take away your crown,

Or are you going to chin up and wear it like you’re meant to be?

Your choice.


Wear your crown right, try not to let people bring you down and make you stray from achieving your goals and dreams.


Create Your Own Fairy-tale

They say the world is a place without magic

What if they are wrong?

They say there are no happy endings

What if they are mistaken?



Yes you.

You hold the key to your very own fairy tale


Be kind and gentle like Snow White

Be free-spirited and tough like Merida

Be optimistic and graceful like Cinderella

Be noble and strong like Mulan

Be lovely and selfless like Belle

Be faithful and adventurous like Pocahontas

Be lively and clumsy like Anna

Be elegant and brave like Elsa

Be cute and rebellious like Ariel

Be determined and unique like Tiana

Be charismatic and innocent like Rapunzel


Be your own fairy godmother

Be your own prince charming


Don’t be afraid to fall

Just stand up and smile

Because you hold the magic

You hold the key to your happy ending.


I think this is the best poem I am written in a while.

It conveys a good message.

What you think?

Do comment, if you think it’s worth it and if it is not do leave your suggestions. I will appreciate them.

Thank You.