Are You Playing Your Role Right?

I have been thinking about writing on this issue for quite a while but I was hesitant. I was hesitant, because of what ifs. This 'what if' stood in my way like a huge boulder and forced me to back off, every time. But now I feel like I can't hold back what I want... Continue Reading →


Create Your Own Fairy-tale

They say the world is a place without magic, What if they are wrong? They say there are no happy endings, What if they are mistaken? * You! Yes you. You hold the key to your very own fairy tale. * Be kind and gentle like Snow White. Be free-spirited and tough like Merida. Be... Continue Reading →

I Did Not Realize

Every time my dreams shatter I tell myself it doesn’t matter Because you are my dream maker As long as you are here it doesn’t matter   But what I did not realize that Soon you will be gone And I will be alone With my shattered dreams   Every time I was down You... Continue Reading →

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