Two Distinctive Traits

Being proud and being shy can never come on the same level. Sometimes, people mistake one trait for another. Let me tell you some differences between the two. Proud people look down to you, shy people can’t even look up. 😉 Well, they can but they have trouble making eye contact. Some proud people make... Continue Reading →


Somethings are Better Left Alone…

People are getting tired of asking what's wrong, and She is running out of nothings to tell.   In herself, she carries a fire, A fire of words, of feelings, of emotions, of stories.   Somethings, she will never be able to open up about. Inside they burn her, Outside they are nothing more than... Continue Reading →

Rules for ‘Give and Take’

"If you want something from people, you need to learn to give as well." "Why?" "Because people are no magical pouch. You can't just take and take from them and expect them to be always there for you." -aak92

Break the Silence, Raise Your Voice!

We talk about human mannerism, as if we are the most mannered people around When there can't be any more savage animals than us, ever found!!! I don't know where to start on this, or even how! There are monsters, real monsters plucking off our little delicate flowers, our darling little angels. Such horror!! You... Continue Reading →

Self Safety

People ask with their hollow words What's wrong? Not sincerely interested in your pain   All they seek are tales Something to gossip about   They do not deserve to be aware of your scars They definitely do not deserve to know your secrets   They are like head lice Being with you, because it... Continue Reading →

The Perks of Being a ‘Mystery’

Everybody is living a chapter or even chapters, that the world know nothing about. And there is nothing wrong with that 'way of life'. Not everyone deserves to know that much about you. Not everyone can understand that much about you. The less they know, the less they can use against you. Want to be... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side

Memories play in her mind Some lost to unconsciousness Some forgotten over time   How much time has passed One look at now One look at then Seems to say: Quiet a lot   Back then, things seemed pretty easy With her family by her side She had nothing to fear With her friends there... Continue Reading →

Temporary Stop

Here, people come and go  Its not for a permanent stay You will not be here for long Its just a temporary delay   Here, don't get too comfortable It is not going to last Before you will know it It will be over with a blast.   All that you love, All that you... Continue Reading →

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