Is This Life Yours?

They tell you, you are good for nothing,

Are you going to believe them?

They tell you, this is not your path to walk on,

Are you going to step off?


This is your life,

And you hold the key to your own door.

The path is going to be bumpy,

Warn you, you might get scratched on the way.


It is not going to be easy,

Finding your footing in this big, big world.

But I can tell you this,

It will be worth it.


So, princes and princesses

Are you going to let people take away your crown,

Or are you going to chin up and wear it like you’re meant to be?

Your choice.


Wear your crown right, try not to let people bring you down and make you stray from achieving your goals and dreams.


You Can Do It!

Have you ever felt like

Standing outside the line

Not belonging


Have you ever felt like

You are not good enough


Have you ever felt like

It is just too much to bear


Have you ever felt like

You can’t go any further


Have you ever felt like

Giving up


Don’t give up

You are not alone

And you are definitely not a quitter


Just remember this

You were born not to merge in

You were born to stand apart and shine

Shine the brightest


You were born to be the light in the dark

Don’t kill that light

You are special

You can do it!!!