Entertainment Hour?

I was thinking to write on this topic for a long time, and finally I made time and mind :). You probably know what entertainment is, still let's go over it one more time. For different people, the definition of entertainment may vary, but mostly it is defined as a form of activity which: provides... Continue Reading →


Montessori Training-Projects

In this post, I am going to share some of the projects with you that me and my fellows had the experience to make, in our Montessori training. The time to decide 'what to make' was kind of hard. We had to choose something different, something that has not been done before, something 'zara hut... Continue Reading →

Where are We Heading???

Few days back, I was listening to this horrible news on T.V that really shook me. I felt some strong vibes passing through my body. And not the good or normal kind, but undoubtedly the bad ones. This is how it goes: A family was going in a car: father, daughter and daughter-in-law. While on... Continue Reading →

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