Indeterminable Depth

Hurting someone is as easy as throwing a pebble in the water. But you cannot determine how deep it will go. And once the pebble is out of your hand, you don't get to decide how deep it get to go. - aak92


Temporary Wound/Permanent Scar

You might be hurt now but after sometime you will grow out of it. The wound will heal, but what you have said or done during that 'hurting period', is there to stay. The scars of your actions are permanent. Do not let a temporary wound, leave a permanent scar. - aak92

Hidden Version of ”Me”

I might seem like a goofy, harmless little person but if you hurt any of my loved ones, I will introduce you to the whole 'new' me.  That version of "me''  even scares me, so watch it! 😉 -aak92

Expect or NOT to Expect

People say don't expect. Fine I am not expecting and guess what, even not expecting made me lose it. Sometimes something unexpected can break you even more than your expectations. -aak92  

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