Give it a Thought…

NEVER MAKE FUN OF OTHERS. You know nothing about his/her position in front of the Lord. If He decided to catch you on that act of yours, you will become the BIGGEST JOKE in the WORLD. - aak92


Montessori Training-Projects

In this post, I am going to share some of the projects with you that me and my fellows had the experience to make, in our Montessori training. The time to decide 'what to make' was kind of hard. We had to choose something different, something that has not been done before, something 'zara hut... Continue Reading →

Box Organizers

"Don't agonize. Organize." Isn't it good to find your stuff right where you left them? I think it is. Keeping things organized really assists you and not just in keeping your place clean but it also saves you from stress and fear of loosing your belongings, and overall it improves your lifestyle. I made some... Continue Reading →

Order for Two

Its been quite a time, since I uploaded anything about, in the crafting corner. So, here it is: not long after I decided to make card making official, I got my first orders! 2 orders! Yeah!! One was for a little baby turning '2'. She also happens to be my niece, cousin's angel :). The... Continue Reading →

Best Friends…Forever?

“Claire, come on.” Hailey had already reached the sea and was shouting to Claire to hurry up. Finally, Claire caught up with her and said, “Hey, you have always been a faster runner than me then why don’t you slow down a little when you are with me?” Hailey laughed and said, “I want to... Continue Reading →

Why to Fear???

Have you ever seen that bird? Who flew from his nest, And got shot to dead.   Have you ever seen those fishes? Who swam for the sea, And got served for the dinner.   Have you ever seen that dog? Who crossed the road, And got run over by the car.   Have you... Continue Reading →

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