Just for the Thrills of it

Doing something just for the thrills of it, can be fun. Right?


If you think, it makes the wrong, right, then you need to rethink what you are doing.

Take this incident for an example: A bunch of goofballs had a dare to act upon. They were to play the role of robbers. They made it in to a house, cornered the family and asked them to put all their valuables out front. It was all just for the show, but only the goofballs knew. Everything was going smooth…or so it seemed. 

Long story short, somebody called the police, things got out of hand, two people got shot.

Fun? I think not! 

I am in favor of enjoying life, trying new things to feel alive but hurting others on the way doesn’t make any of it worthwhile. 

Give it a thought.




Famous Much…

When people become famous

Why they start acting like they are embarrassed

To to be seen with people who have always been there for them


And now when the time has come

For them to return the favor

They start acting like they have always got better things to do


They used to laugh on your jokes

Now they hardly ever smile


They just can’t seem to get enough of their fans

But when they need something only you can do

They come running back


It lasts for a minute or a two

Then they are back to being

Famous, proud, too full of themselves..

The real famous person is the one who lives in one’s heart instead of becoming a headache + heartache. 

Famous….my foot!!!