Islam, Veiling and Society

Isn't it funny how the society says, "Do not judge a book by its cover." But then it turns and go about judging the girls/women in cover. What's wrong with this, if a lady covers herself with a decent dressing or a dupatta or a scarf or hijabs and gowns or niqab? Huh? Our religion,... Continue Reading →


Believe. Faith.Fly

You can be the ripest, yellowest and juiciest mango on earth and still there will be someone who hates mangoes. So, stop trying to please everybody. Do your best, have faith in yourself and then let it be. There will be people who will clap for you, there will be some who will stand against... Continue Reading →

This is Life

This is Life. Sometime you feel, you can't take it anymore and this is the end. Sometimes you feel, there is a lot out there somewhere, you just haven't find it yet. Sometimes you stand up to the world and shout, " Try Me." This is Life. This is what I come to, every time:... Continue Reading →

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