Let Your Heart Beat Again!

Sudden and Instant, A calamity, rocked her world.   What a tragedy!   Her small little world crashed, Shattering her heart into millions.   A dark cloud hovered over her.   For months, she passed the days with a smile, Keeping herself together.   Afraid to fall, she stood strong for far too long.  ... Continue Reading →



  You say, I am quite easy to read Because I am nothing but an open book If that's so, Then why do you keep getting me wrong?   You see only what I let you You only see the outside me The side, I show to the world The other, I keep under wraps... Continue Reading →

Indeterminable Depth

Hurting someone is as easy as throwing a pebble in the water. But you cannot determine how deep it will go. And once the pebble is out of your hand, you don't get to decide how deep it get to go. - aak92

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