Pick a Prop and Strike a Pose!

Props on stick are in fashion these days. Good for me! I get to try new ideas and people get to pose with their props. 😉 I loved making these. Though I did not get to keep much of them but still, when people accepted them with open hands, I was super excited 🙂 .... Continue Reading →


Montessori Training-Projects

In this post, I am going to share some of the projects with you that me and my fellows had the experience to make, in our Montessori training. The time to decide 'what to make' was kind of hard. We had to choose something different, something that has not been done before, something 'zara hut... Continue Reading →

Old Collection: Birthday Cards

These are the cards from my old collection. They are very childish I know 😉 But back then I WAS a child 🙂      Although, they might look a little childish but I made them all with love.

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