Story of a Perfect Soul…

She was

Pure as a driven snow

Pretty as a picture


She was

A child with a hope

A girl with a dream


Life toppled her once

But she learned to swim


One day came

As a new beginning


Only this beginning was not what she expected


Her heart got flooded with pain

And he was the reason


She was what you say a perfect soul


He was what a complete jerk


What new life has in stored for her

She is afraid to know


She will get through this storm

But not without some scars engraved in her heart.

True Story.


Crushing Life…

Our sisterhood got crushed by something we call life


Hearing horror stories

All wrapped up in one blanket

Filming movies 

And having a time of of our lives

Looking for adventures

And always choosing the troubled path

Having those long walks at night

And forgetting all our worries for a while


I do not think I will ever grow out of that 


Am aware life is busy

And so are we


We got to

Got to let go and move on



Though I guarantee you 

I will never let you go


Because we have a bond that can never be broken

No matter how crushing life becomes…


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