Somethings are Better Left Alone…

People are getting tired of asking what's wrong, and She is running out of nothings to tell.   In herself, she carries a fire, A fire of words, of feelings, of emotions, of stories.   Somethings, she will never be able to open up about. Inside they burn her, Outside they are nothing more than... Continue Reading →


Qurani Ayat on Whatsapp

Assalamualikum everyone, Can I have a minute of your important time? If yes, then continue reading.  There is a message floating around the network for quite a time, especially on whatsapp. You probably have seen it in form of text or video. That message is about: Stoppage of Qurani Ayat on Whatsapp. Why, they say.... Continue Reading →

Islam, Veiling and Society

Isn't it funny how the society says, "Do not judge a book by its cover." But then it turns and go about judging the girls/women in cover. What's wrong with this, if a lady covers herself with a decent dressing or a dupatta or a scarf or hijabs and gowns or niqab? Huh? Our religion,... Continue Reading →

In this Big Big World

A lot of people gonna hurt you In this big big world   But you gotta stand up Because you are stronger Than what this cruel cruel world has to offer   Remember this, my friend These back-stabbers, these gossipers, these leeches Are not worth your attention   Focus on something better Like you Like... Continue Reading →

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