A Message for You

Dear everyone, I want just 5 minutes of your life. Ready? Let's start. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let your body drop into the relaxing mode. Now call to your stronger self. Its there, right inside you. We all have one. But sometimes, we let our fear stand taller than our strength. Life... Continue Reading →


Say No to Valentine’s Day! Here is Why

This one is especially addressed to Muslims, which means you first need to recognize yourself. Who are you? What religion do you belong to? If you say, you are a Muslim then do you believe. Do you believe in Allah, in His messenger Hazrat Muhammad  (P.B.U.H)? Do you stand by Allah’s teachings, His orders? Do... Continue Reading →

Believe. Faith.Fly

You can be the ripest, yellowest and juiciest mango on earth and still there will be someone who hates mangoes. So, stop trying to please everybody. Do your best, have faith in yourself and then let it be. There will be people who will clap for you, there will be some who will stand against... Continue Reading →

Time to be Real…

I wanted to make our last days memorable, I wanted to have the best days we ever had.   But it is gonna take a a lot of patience and hard work, And I am already tired.   I can't make those mine who never were, I tried my best, People say actions speak louder... Continue Reading →

Believe in Yourself

You may not be aware of your all qualities, But believe in yourself, And you can cross any hurdle.   People will make your journey hard, But only you can make it easier.   Leave the ones who made it harder, Walk with those who you can rely on.   Life will be a lot... Continue Reading →

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