Somethings are Better Left Alone…

People are getting tired of asking what's wrong, and She is running out of nothings to tell.   In herself, she carries a fire, A fire of words, of feelings, of emotions, of stories.   Somethings, she will never be able to open up about. Inside they burn her, Outside they are nothing more than... Continue Reading →


The World of Numbness

Sometimes you feel a little down, not your usual self. Like the gloominess has engulfed you and drained you out of all the energy. Sometimes you feel…nothing. Sometimes you just shut down. That’s when you actually wake up! When this feeling of numbness comes over you, you drop the acting, you allow your deep and... Continue Reading →

Shattered Pieces

There are days when She herself is shattered into million pieces But if she gets the chance to tape someone’s pieces together She takes it   When they walk away, happy A smile appears on her face Only to be washed away by the thought Will there be someone for her Someone who can take... Continue Reading →

I Did Not Realize

Every time my dreams shatter I tell myself it doesn’t matter Because you are my dream maker As long as you are here it doesn’t matter   But what I did not realize that Soon you will be gone And I will be alone With my shattered dreams   Every time I was down You... Continue Reading →

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