A Present or A Penalty

".....today is a gift. That is why, it is called the present." You probably have heard or read this quote, a million times. But it only speaks to you, when you are on cloud 9. It might even work, if you are somewhere around it. But what to go with, when you feel like you... Continue Reading →


Ponder Over This…

If a woman gives everything to a man, before marriage, how can she expect him to marry her. AND If a man is going to toy with every other girl, how can he expect to get an untouched one for himself. - aak92

Put a Full Stop (.) to Hate

When you hear a good word spoken about your friend, tell him/her so. But when someone say a bad word, try to keep it to yourself and try to make that person see that it is not so, instead of spreading the hate. Spread love and put a full stop to hate. - aak92

Sometimes Things Happen…

You have to STOP searching WHY at some point in your life. It will only drive you crazy, then where will you be? Sometimes you have to accept things as they are. Sometimes, things are just suppose to happen. No reason required. - aak92

Give it a Thought…

NEVER MAKE FUN OF OTHERS. You know nothing about his/her position in front of the Lord. If He decided to catch you on that act of yours, you will become the BIGGEST JOKE in the WORLD. - aak92

Temporary Wound/Permanent Scar

You might be hurt now but after sometime you will grow out of it. The wound will heal, but what you have said or done during that 'hurting period', is there to stay. The scars of your actions are permanent. Do not let a temporary wound, leave a permanent scar. - aak92

Islam, Veiling and Society

Isn't it funny how the society says, "Do not judge a book by its cover." But then it turns and go about judging the girls/women in cover. What's wrong with this, if a lady covers herself with a decent dressing or a dupatta or a scarf or hijabs and gowns or niqab? Huh? Our religion,... Continue Reading →

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