If Only I Had Known…

If only I had known, It was going to be our last walk in the rain, I would have kept you out for hours.   If only I had known, It was going to be our last conversation ever, I would have kept you up all night.   If only I had known, I was... Continue Reading →


Entertainment Hour?

I was thinking to write on this topic for a long time, and finally I made time and mind :). You probably know what entertainment is, still let's go over it one more time. For different people, the definition of entertainment may vary, but mostly it is defined as a form of activity which: provides... Continue Reading →


We all are  broken, in one way or another. Some have more cracks then others; that doesn’t give them any superiority over those who possess less. To all of us, whether they are big or small, our cracks matter. - aak92

Acceptance of Oneself

We, human beings, are same and distinct in numerous ways. We all possess a variety of traits, which make us vary. Sometimes, those traits can overlap, but it doesn't mean that you have lost your uniqueness. Similarly, when we differ, when we stand out, it doesn't make us weird. It is us, who need to... Continue Reading →

Two Distinctive Traits

Being proud and being shy can never come on the same level. Sometimes, people mistake one trait for another. Let me tell you some differences between the two. Proud people look down to you, shy people can’t even look up. 😉 Well, they can but they have trouble making eye contact. Some proud people make... Continue Reading →

A Conflicted Contradiction

She is no longer a girl, not yet a woman. She tries to be a jolly person but seriousness is what her personality is made of. She wants to be fearless, but somehow the scared part always jumps out. She can be lazy, yet pretty ambitious. She can be cautious, still doesn't forget to live... Continue Reading →

Finding Peace on a Rainy Day

Closing her eyes, She raised her head, Into the wind, And felt it flit across her face.   Reaching her soul, It made her forget, All the worries, that were bringing her distress.   A little drizzling joined the breeze, Falling on her face, and bringing out the smile, Enabling her to feel the peace.... Continue Reading →

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