Wake Your Heart & Soul!

Knock, Knock! Are Your Heart & Soul Awake? Life is like a test. The test that you have to pass with flying colors, so, you can be presented with your deserved rewards. And in order to do that, you have to keep your heart and soul alive. The ride is going to be bumpy; sometimes you... Continue Reading →


How to Survive…

Wherever you are, whatever you do, you are always going to be YOU. Even if you change your outer identity, the 'inner you' is never gonna disappear. Your memories of your life are your own. No one can take them away from you. So, instead of feeling desperate and depressed, go back into your past,... Continue Reading →

Get a Grip People!

I honestly don't know what is worse: The so-called feminists raising pointless, cheap and pathetic slogans... OR The disgusting sexist, racist men posting dirty, cheap and offensive stuff about women... Get a grip people and put an end to this nonsense! - aak92


You compare me to the girl next door or the girl on the street.   "Why I am not like them?" You ask. "How can I when I am not them?" Tell me.   We have different identities, beliefs, and most importantly different DNA. How can you merge those things? People are not like play-doh,... Continue Reading →

A Message for You

Dear everyone, I want just 5 minutes of your life. Ready? Let's start. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let your body drop into the relaxing mode. Now call to your stronger self. Its there, right inside you. We all have one. But sometimes, we let our fear stand taller than our strength. Life... Continue Reading →

Entertainment Hour?

I was thinking to write on this topic for a long time, and finally I made time and mind :). You probably know what entertainment is, still let's go over it one more time. For different people, the definition of entertainment may vary, but mostly it is defined as a form of activity which: provides... Continue Reading →


We all are  broken, in one way or another. Some have more cracks then others; that doesn’t give them any superiority over those who possess less. To all of us, whether they are big or small, our cracks matter. - aak92

Acceptance of Oneself

We, human beings, are same and distinct in numerous ways. We all possess a variety of traits, which make us vary. Sometimes, those traits can overlap, but it doesn't mean that you have lost your uniqueness. Similarly, when we differ, when we stand out, it doesn't make us weird. It is us, who need to... Continue Reading →

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