Let Your Heart Beat Again!

Sudden and Instant, A calamity, rocked her world.   What a tragedy!   Her small little world crashed, Shattering her heart into millions.   A dark cloud hovered over her.   For months, she passed the days with a smile, Keeping herself together.   Afraid to fall, she stood strong for far too long.  ... Continue Reading →


‘I Dare You’ Poem

Read it fast and in one breath. I dare you. 😉 Taste it. Toss it. Feel it. Fill it. Make it. Eat it. Mix it. Kill it. Smell it. Do it. Drag it. Fix it. Love it. Beat it. Roll it. Have it. Throw it. Pick it. Tease it. Rub it. Lick it. Sweep it.... Continue Reading →

If Only I Had Known…

If only I had known, It was going to be our last walk in the rain, I would have kept you out for hours.   If only I had known, It was going to be our last conversation ever, I would have kept you up all night.   If only I had known, I was... Continue Reading →

A Conflicted Contradiction

She is no longer a girl, not yet a woman. She tries to be a jolly person but seriousness is what her personality is made of. She wants to be fearless, but somehow the scared part always jumps out. She can be lazy, yet pretty ambitious. She can be cautious, still doesn't forget to live... Continue Reading →

Finding Peace on a Rainy Day

Closing her eyes, She raised her head, Into the wind, And felt it flit across her face.   Reaching her soul, It made her forget, All the worries, that were bringing her distress.   A little drizzling joined the breeze, Falling on her face, and bringing out the smile, Enabling her to feel the peace.... Continue Reading →


  You say, I am quite easy to read Because I am nothing but an open book If that's so, Then why do you keep getting me wrong?   You see only what I let you You only see the outside me The side, I show to the world The other, I keep under wraps... Continue Reading →

Self Safety

People ask with their hollow words What's wrong? Not sincerely interested in your pain   All they seek are tales Something to gossip about   They do not deserve to be aware of your scars They definitely do not deserve to know your secrets   They are like head lice Being with you, because it... Continue Reading →

Shattered Pieces

There are days when She herself is shattered into million pieces But if she gets the chance to tape someone’s pieces together She takes it   When they walk away, happy A smile appears on her face Only to be washed away by the thought Will there be someone for her Someone who can take... Continue Reading →

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