Three Period Lesson

I almost forgot one of the important things. Three Period Lesson.

It has an important role in almost all the exercises of all the 4 areas of Montessori. So, yeah in three period lesson, you follow the three steps without any skipping or missing a step and there you go.

Three Period Lesson:

First Step: Naming Stage

  • Introduce the objects/things by pointing and calling out their names 3 times.
  • You can simply say the name or you can say this is ____.

Second Step: Recognition and Association Stage

  • After introducing the objects, ask the children: show me ____ or where is _____?

Third Step: Remembering and Recalling Stage

  • Here you can check what the child has learned by pointing at the object and asking the question: what is this? 

If the child shows lacking in any stage you can always go back and repeat the process.


Montessori Method

Let’s start with a little introduction of Montessori Method.

As you all know that Montessori method is a scientific method of teaching children from 3 to 6 years of age. It was developed by Maria Montessori. She was the one who stood up for the development of the children in their infancy period or absorbent mind  period (0-6 years) because she of the opinion that it is the most important period and if it is lost all is lost

A child’s mind is like a sponge. It absorbs things from the environment. From 0-3 years the child is more closer to his mother so, the mother or the guardian needs to provide a healthy environment to ensure growth. From 3 to 6 years, the Montessori education starts.

Some people mistake Montessori with being the name of the class. But it is not rather it is a whole way of teaching. This method covers the whole developing period from 0 to 18 years

Montessori method is a an individualized teaching method meaning that in this method you give individual attention to all the children. Children need that kind of attention, they cannot learn with you standing in the center of the class and pouring out all you know in a flow. You cannot just come and go while teaching kids. They need your attention. They need your love and care. Sometimes you will need to repeat yourself over and over again. Sometimes you will have to pause what you want to teach and listen to what the children want to tell you and then mold them towards what you really what to teach. Just be patience and enjoy the little wonders

The directness (teacher)  in the Montessori Method is there to guide the children, to help them use their potential in a useful way and use their energies in constructive activities. This method is based on activities and work that ensures growth. 

There are 5 areas in Montessori curriculum:

  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Sensorial 
  • EPL (Exercises for Practical Life)
  • Cultural Subjects

Following are the objective of Montessori Method of Teaching.

  1. To normalize the children.
  2. To develop their personalities.
  3. To make the children independent and confident.

“Learning is an art and it should be taught to the child.”

I was thinking of starting with Language, an area in Montessori curriculum. There will some tips and talks about it plus the activities that we introduce to the little children with pics from my folders. 🙂

Hope you like it. Later

Learn to Pass On…

So yeah, I thought about uploading the tips and tricks and things from my personal notes of Montessori. Pretty much what I have learned in this course. I want it to be available for whoever who needs to benefit from it. After all we learn to pass on right? 

And also I would love to have quick access to my notes instead of taking them out of the box every time 😉 

And I know that there are billions of stuff on Montessori method and activities for kids that you can find on the internet. But there is always more right? Hope I can be helpful in some way.

Happy Reading and Happy Picking Up Something Useful.

Finally Done!!!

On 11 June I gave my final exam of Montessori course. Now I am only left with the internship after that my Montessori course will be completed. Yeah!!!!

Now I can make time for things I missed while working on Montessori works. I want to share my final model and other model ideas with you that you can use to aid your teaching. But that will have to wait. I still got a lot to normalize. So, for now I will just share some thoughts.

Working with kids and learning about their different aspects was really exciting and fascinating. I love kids especially the little ones, the ones who are not yet independent. Why? Because you can hug them, kiss them, play with them whenever you want. Big kids? They want to explore and that is fun to watch to but when they start exploring and growing up they want to do it their way and sometimes they do not want you in their ways. I just want to be part of their world. It is so much fun and peaceful.

You probably know that being an adult is really stressing.  And without any doubt, sometimes it is very useful to be an adult but being a kid fascinates me more. And with kids you can be whoever you want even a kid yourself because they won’t judge you. They are pure little angles, who want to run free. And you can too if you just let your adult-self go and find that kid inside you who have been locked up for many many years. 

Can you???