Believe. Faith.Fly

You can be the ripest, yellowest and juiciest mango on earth and still there will be someone who hates mangoes.

So, stop trying to please everybody. Do your best, have faith in yourself and then let it be. There will be people who will clap for you, there will be some who will stand against you, there may be few who will throw stones at you but you should not give up.You should never give up on yourself.



Is it the End???

I have no idea what is happening to me. I just can’t seem to write about anything. No feelings, no words, no nothing. I thought after studies I will follow up my passion of writing and improve it but some how that ain’t happening.

It is really disturbing for me because I used to love ‘writing’ and the words used to just come to me without any force. But now nothing is coming to me as such.

Is this a break or the end??

Please do not let it be an end. ūüė¶



Where are We Heading???

Few days back I was listening to this horrible news on T.V that really shook me. I felt some strong vibes passing through my body. And not the good or normal kind but a really bad ones.

This is how it goes:

A family was going in a car: father, daughter and daughter-in-law. While on the road they were stopped by some gangsters with guns in their hands. At gun point they ordered the father to give them one of the girls. They said that they have guns and that they can take away both the girls but they only want one so choose. 

The father scarified his  own daughter. His very own little girl. Can you imagine the pain? CAN YOU??!!


He had no choice because he had the responsibility of someone’s else daughter. He had chose to sacrifice his little angel. This must have been the most difficult decision of all time.

It has been a long time and that girl is still not found. The mother had a heart attack and the father committed suicide.

And this is not the first incident. The are millions of such terrible incidents like these. And they are increasing at such a high rate that it is fearful. Kidnapping, rape, murdering, torture, stealing etc. No one is save in this world any long.  Girls, boys, kids, women, families, no one. 

What I do not understand is what people get out of this. A little thrill, money…. But is it all worth it…anything?

Oh please Lord! We are lost without you. Please protect us from all these monsters.