Shattered Pieces

There are days when

She herself is shattered into million pieces

But if she gets the chance to tape someone’s pieces together

She takes it


When they walk away, happy

A smile appears on her face

Only to be washed away by the thought

Will there be someone for her

Someone who can take time to patch her up


Looking at her shattered pieces

And the high walls, she screens herself with

She laughs a little

Her door opens to all

But she ain’t gonna step in just about any body’s house


Afraid to put herself out in the world

She keeps her shattered pieces to herself

You can tell, she ain’t feeling ‘on the top of the world’

But her lips her sealed…

– aak92




  1. Woah that was strong in emotion!
    I can feel that I can relate to this – I am not sure if I am interpreting this correctly but when you wrote “She keeps her shattered pieces to herself” – I interpret it as a person who does not share the pain she is feeling and keeps it to herself – that sounds like me! For the past few years, I am that person – who doesn’t open up regularly – especially in school. 😦 I was so emotional today, I had no one to talk to – there is literally no right person I can tell my feelings too. This peom really touched me, thank you aak92! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • You interpreted it right, Doni. I was so heavyhearted myself and well the words just came out.
      It helps. In one way, you are sharing. Not exactly, but something and there are people out there, who get you. And you don’t feel that alone anymore.
      You are not alone, Doni. We all go through times, when we can’t take it anymore. We all require some break to charge up and get prepared for more. Take that break. Its your right. Cry a little, share your aches with God, you might feel a lot lighthearted. I know it works for me and of course writing. 🙂
      I see its been 5 days since you commented on this, I just checked today. Hope you are feeling better now.
      Do tell.
      Take care.


      • Hi aak92,
        Thank you for your nice long comment, aak92.
        I hope such uncomfortable moments don’t happen to you, because I understand – only those who have experienced similar situations can understand. That’s why bullies do not understand the pain a victim faces as a result of their bad actions.
        Thanks for your nice comment + poem!

        Liked by 1 person

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