Outside the Lines

You play by the rules

Living inside the lines

How are you gonna make it to the top

When you limit yourself

To stay behind


You got to get out of that circle

Take a break

Forget the directions

And take a leap of faith


You put up walls

Afraid to get hurt

How are you gonna find the meaning of ‘true love’

When you have closed your heart

Against all the care you get


You got to create some windows

And let the love in

You got to build a door

And take a step out


You are riding blind

Shutting out all the ‘loveliness of life’

Stamping them as the ‘distractions of life’

How are you gonna relish what you have

When you cannot even see what you have


You got to open your eyes

See what you have been missing

First step is always the hardest

Just take a breath

And step outside the lines.


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