Three Period Lesson

I almost forgot one of the important things. Three Period Lesson.

It has an important role in almost all the exercises of all the 4 areas of Montessori. So, yeah in three period lesson, you follow the three steps without any skipping or missing a step and there you go.

Three Period Lesson:

First Step: Naming Stage

  • Introduce the objects/things by pointing and calling out their names 3 times.
  • You can simply say the name or you can say this is ____.

Second Step: Recognition and Association Stage

  • After introducing the objects, ask the children: show me ____ or where is _____?

Third Step: Remembering and Recalling Stage

  • Here you can check what the child has learned by pointing at the object and asking the question: what is this? 

If the child shows lacking in any stage you can always go back and repeat the process.


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