Blog Cleansing

So, yeah I have been doing a little cleansing of my blog. I thought like our body and mind needs cleansing so, does other things around us whether they are living or non-living because they affect us in one way or other. They are part of us. They make us.  

While going through my old posts, some were…..I don’t know what the hell was I thinking. Just written out of frustration or some were from my early days when I was all new to this blog thing and making mistakes and I didn’t bother to give a proof reading 😛

So, anyway I have been trying to cleanse, organize and set right a lot of stuff in my life. Including my blog. I feel a lot light….mostly ;). Still working on it. There is always something. We should all do that. Find time for ourselves and try to see more positive views around us.

Sometimes we get too hurt and frustrated that all we see is ‘that’. We forget the blessings for a moment and that moment is enough to destroy us. Getting hurt, angry, being sad, emotional, feeling frustration and a lot more, they are all a part of our lives. Just do not let them stay for long. I am also trying to act on my own advice. 🙂

Stay blessed everyone.



4 thoughts on “Blog Cleansing

  1. [ Smiles ] Well for starters, we should always proofread our articles before publishing them.

    Cleaning up our blog is part of its regular maintenance; since people do go through our blog archive.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day!

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