News Period

Lets start with ‘News Period’ as the first lesson in Language section. It is also the first lesson in classes as well. We were taught to start every day with ‘New Period’ (after assembly, of course)

News period has great importance in language, social mental and emotional development.

So, here are the details about it and how to present it. 




News Period


2 1/2 years and above


Direct aims include:

  1. Learning about greetings.
  2. Learning about being thankful to their Lord for everything.
  3. Learning about the importance of breakfast.
  4. Learning about the names of week.
  5. Learning about the names of the 12 months of the year.
  6. Learning about the names of the four seasons.
  7. Learning about weather and telling the difference.


Indirect aims include:

  1. Enhancement of vocabulary, speech and personal grooming.
  2. Preparation for becoming orator.


Activity itself including singing along poems, taking part in questioning and answering and a lot more.


  • As you enter the class, grab the children’s attention by greeting them. Like this: Good morning children!!! (give them a big smile :)) How are you all? etc.
  • Have a little talk with them, make them feel at ease with you. (Remember they have left their warm beds and left their mamas to come to you. Welcome them and mean it)
  • Make them see some of the blessings they have and thank God for them. Sing a poem. Like this one:      

Thank you God, for the world so sweet

Thank you God, for the food we eat

Thank you God, for the birds that sing

Thank you God, for everything.

  • After the hello, hi ask the children about breakfast. “Have you taken your breakfast?” (wait for their response) “What have you taken in your breakfast?” (ask few by calling their names but if you have little strength ask all, involve them all)
  • On the right top of the board there must be a calendar drawn. (I will share a pic in the end to give you pictorial view for better understanding) Start counting with children, using a pointer or some long ruler to point to the numbers: _ has gone, _ has gone (keep on counting like this and crossing the dates that has gone until you reach the desired number) today is _ (encircle that date).
  • Write the date on the left side of the board. (And if you have some chart drawn for this purpose, change the date on that too. Choose a child to do that)
  • Then ask them about months in the year. You can sing a poem or if you have a chart of months use that. First count them all then count the number of the desired month and write it beside the date.
  • Then write the year beside the number of year.
  • After than ask the children about the days in a week. Sing a poem about days in a week like:

We are growing, We are growing

Day by day, Day by day

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

And Sunday

And Sunday

Then ask them:

Yesterday was ________

Today is __________

Tomorrow will be __________

  • Say: So, today is_____ and write it under the date in small letter.
  • After that ask about the weather. Make them look outside and tell what is the weather like.
  • Write the weather under the name of the day and draw a respective image.
  • Then comes the season. Ask how many seasons then move on to differentiate between with them and help children tell which season is going on. Have some charts in the class to help them understand better also it will make your class colorful.
  • Write the respective season under weather with an image.
  • Then comes the attendance part. Ask: How many children are present today? Who will count? (Ask one of the children to stand up, first count himself/herself by patting his/her head one time and then others by one tap on the head.
  • Write in the middle of the board (or you can write under the season, adjust according to the situation:

__ children are present today

  • The ask another child to count the girls and boys one by one and write on the board like this:

__ girls are present today

__ boys are present today

  • Lastly, ask the children about anything new. Like the event of the day e.g birthday? 
  • Write the event accordingly and draw a picture as well.
  • After all this you can move on to your class of whatever subject it is.

Here is a pictorial view of the whole News Period (from my folder):


That’s all for now.

I hope it proves to be useful.

Have a good day.


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