Is it the End???

I have no idea what is happening to me. I just can’t seem to write about anything. No feelings, no words, no nothing. I thought after studies I will follow up my passion of writing and improve it but some how that ain’t happening.

It is really disturbing for me because I used to love ‘writing’ and the words used to just come to me without any force. But now nothing is coming to me as such.

Is this a break or the end??

Please do not let it be an end. 😦




14 thoughts on “Is it the End???

  1. Martian Poet says:

    I think that’s happening everyone’s life.. It means your brain needs a break.. You can take a break..even big writers they take break..then start again…

  2. surindernath says:

    It is quite normal.

    Every one can write at all times. But ( and it is a very big but ) every one can’t be a “writer / author” at all times.

    It is a lot like getting pregnant. Once some one is pregnant, delivery is destined but getting pregnant is a tricky business.

    Every educated ( or semi educated ) person is like s/he is having a female egg. This female egg has to wait for the male sperm ( the creative spark) which comes from outside.

    I don’t know why but some people ( the great chosen few ) have a regular supply of sperms, some have a periodical supply and yet there are a lot more who like me… have a very very erratic supply.

    But then getting frustrated doesn’t help either.
    It might damage the female egg.

    I am of the opinion that I don’t get pregnant when I am normal. I get it only in a fit of madness. Observe your circle and adjust accordingly !!

    • aak92 says:

      Thanks for your time and thanks for the advice. Though I have to say your comparison was a bit abnormal and confusing for me. But got the bottom like 🙂 Thanks

  3. Shoaib says:

    Maybe it’s just a writer’s block. I hope you start writing soon. Stay strong. It’ll pass…

  4. it happens to me, too. i just wait ’til an inspiration comes, just be patient

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