Introduction to Spoken and Written Language

Lets go back.

It has not always been like this. Before actually words, communication was all about gestures and body language. Then it improved a little and people started using sign language and symbols then came the imitation of sounds.

Earliest written language was all about sketching and drawing.

In writing, capital alphabets were introduced first. In the start, they were illogical associated with different things (natural objects) e.g. A-cow, M-owl etc. Later it improved and things started to make sense.

People have this misconception that writing is  a difficult task and it should be taught later from  7 years of age. You should know that the actual writing starts at four and children need to perfect their hand movement before their hand movements are firm. In the infancy period, their motor movements are more flexible to obey the orders of nature. Once that time period is lost, his hand movements are firm and they cannot learn as easily as before.

In Montessori method,  the children are taught to:

  • How to hold a writing utensil.
  • How to have a light hand i.e. flexible movements.
  • How to have a firm hand i.e. controlled movements and how to write and draw within the line.


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