Finally Done!!!

On 11 June I gave my final exam of Montessori course. Now I am only left with the internship after that my Montessori course will be completed. Yeah!!!!

Now I can make time for things I missed while working on Montessori works. I want to share my final model and other model ideas with you that you can use to aid your teaching. But that will have to wait. I still got a lot to normalize. So, for now I will just share some thoughts.

Working with kids and learning about their different aspects was really exciting and fascinating. I love kids especially the little ones, the ones who are not yet independent. Why? Because you can hug them, kiss them, play with them whenever you want. Big kids? They want to explore and that is fun to watch to but when they start exploring and growing up they want to do it their way and sometimes they do not want you in their ways. I just want to be part of their world. It is so much fun and peaceful.

You probably know that being an adult is really stressing.  And without any doubt, sometimes it is very useful to be an adult but being a kid fascinates me more. And with kids you can be whoever you want even a kid yourself because they won’t judge you. They are pure little angles, who want to run free. And you can too if you just let your adult-self go and find that kid inside you who have been locked up for many many years. 

Can you???


2 thoughts on “Finally Done!!!

  1. Maria says:

    That’s amazing to hear masha Allah! 🙂 You know I really really wish I could do something like this. You are so right about kids. I love them too. Best of wishes and luck!

    • aak92 says:

      Then you should try it. We need people who are passionate about this field. Normally people come in this field when they have nothing else to do. Of course you get experience but its better if you are passionate about it. 🙂

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