Black Day for Pakistan

I might be a little late, ma

Don’t be angry

I might never come back, ma

Don’t you cry

They went to school and never came back.

Can you imagine sending your children, your babies, your little angels to school to shower themselves with education and they return soaked in blood? Can you? 

Even imagining makes one shiver, how can we see it. They are showing their pictures. So innocent, so naive, so unaware of the cruelty that is going to be imposed on them. There are pictures of them taking their selfies, group photos, while eating pizza pictures, goofing around and all that.

They were killed so brutally, shot in hands, feet, legs, everywhere. What they did to deserve this? That they were born in this world!

What religion allows us to kill anyone let alone children? Children!!! Seriously? They were just buds, ready to bloom. 

Where are we heading? What lies ahead? Is there any future for us? Will there be any future for us? We are at each other throats, we killing each other without any reason. There is torture , brutality, abuse, disrespect of women. Women were BURNED TO DEATH in this incident. What religion allows this? 

This can go a long way. For now let’s pray for those little angels and those mothers and sisters and daughters who were martyred in the Peshawar incident and those families who lost their dear ones.

Have seen flowers on funeral

Now I have seen funeral of flowers



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