From Daughter to Daddy


The first time we made eye contact,

I knew I was in Heaven.


You don’t know how blessed I feel to be your daughter,

And I hope you feel the same.


Hold me tight,

Don’t let me fall,

I know I will be always safe in your hands.                                        


Guide me along,

Show me the right path,

Never leave me stranded.


I love being your daughter as I get to be Daddy’s Little Girl

And it rocks!!!



I wrote it from my 1 month old niece (Leena) to her father. 


4 thoughts on “From Daughter to Daddy

  1. Arindam Saha says:

    Loved the emotions 🙂

  2. White Pearl says:

    Such a sweet expression of your love with your dad….I am missing my dad too ! I know we value people more when we have lost them ! I hope you find Sabar …. I really loved this one !

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