No Ordinary Girl

She got a special power,

That has inspired me.


There Is more to her than meets the eye.


She is no ordinary girl,

She got the power,

If she just believe.


She is super confident at college,

But gets a little nervous outside.


She is nice and a great friend,

Got some negative points…well who doesn’t…

Nobody is perfect,

But she is one pure person.


She is special,

She is beautiful,

She is wonderful,

She is powerful and unstoppable,

Sometimes she is miserable,

You might think it is so typical,

As so many things she is

But she is…

She may not be aware of all these qualities of her,

But that is how I see her,

She is no ordinary girl.


She dares to be herself,

She is confident,

She is awesome,

She is unique,

She is no ordinary girl.


Nickname: Sehri


4 thoughts on “No Ordinary Girl

  1. sehri says:

    arey its awsome i like it . eminent . happy to read dis poem . seriously i dnt know i hav all qualities which u mentioned in ur beuatiful poem . actually u r a person of sweet and beautiful heart thats y u say good u write good u think good about others .
    love u soo much . and u r different from all and nobody is like u seriously . may ALLAH bless u . my prayers r wid u .. tahnxxxxxxxxxxxxx alot thank u soo much sweety ❤

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