Best Friends Forever

“Claire, come on.”

Hailey had already reached the sea and was shouting to Claire to hurry up. Finally Claire caught up with her and said, “Hey you have always been a faster runner than me then why don’t you slow down a little when you are with me?”

Hailey laughed and said, “I want to be ahead of you so I can look out for you. The danger is ahead not behind. And you got my back. How would you have my back otherwise?”

“Yeah but next time try to walk beside me and be with me.”

“Ok, Claire as you wish. Happy? Now let’s get in the water.”

And they had fun. Throwing water on each other, laughing and enjoying…………together.  Claire and Hailey had known each other since they were eight years old and now they were sixteen. Since the first day they met, they knew that they were perfect for each other and they became best friends. Not a thing or a person was ever able to break them.

While on the way home Claire found a tree. She picked a hard rock and made a heart and wrote their names. Hailey was also watching and she took the rock from her and wrote “BBF” under their names. She said, “I don’t know about you but you are going to be my best friend forever!” Claire hugged her and then they raced to their homes.

Next day they were coming back from school in their bus. Everyone was singing and Hailey was moving about in the bus along with singing while Claire was sitting and clapping. Suddenly bus driver applied sudden brake; Hailey was about to fell but Claire grabbed her. Worriedness was pretty apparent o her face and fear was showing on Hailey’s face. Before they had they chance to laugh it off the bus crashed into another oncoming bus. Everything happened so fast.

school bus crash--347359029_v2.grid-6x2

The next day Claire woke up in a hospital. The whole scene of the bus accident flashed before her eyes and the first thought was that of Hailey. She got up with a start and looked everywhere. No Hailey. As she tried to get up, a nurse came in and told her to lie down but she resisted. All she was able to think about was Hailey. She asked the nurse about her too. But she didn’t reply. Claire started yelling and then her mother entered. She tried to calm her down but Claire just wanted to know about Hailey. Finally her mother looked at her and that look told her everything. Hailey was gone and there was nothing Claire could do to have her back. She fell into unconsciousness. For days she remained in that condition. On sixth day after the incident she finally regained her consciousness.

Claire was moved home as she was normal the only thing she was lacking was to get over Hailey’s death. She was silent no matter how much anyone talked or tried to make her talk. Her family gave her time to accept the bitter truth but they were also worried about her too. One day when she was able to walk around, she got out for a walk and as she was walking, she came across that tree where they had written their names. She touched the “BFF” letters and said, “What about your forever, Hailey?” A tear dropped from her eye. Then she went home and straight to her room where she cried her eyes out.

Days went by and Claire was getting better except that she was not smiling or laughing that much. It was like she had forgotten to smile.

One night she was getting ready to sleep. Two weeks had passed since Hailey’s death. As Claire was getting into bed she heard a voice. She couldn’t believe her ears because the voice resembled Hailey’s. She listened again carefully and there it was again. She jumped out of bed and was about to switch on the light when the voice came again and it was calling Claire. As Claire turned she saw Hailey standing behind her. For a second she was stunned then she said, “Are you real?”

“Just listen to me clearly.”


“I am here to tell you that you got to stop existing and start living.”

“But I lost my best friend.”

“I know pain of losing someone dear to your heart is a terrible thing and the pain never really goes away but you are among the living not dead. If you continue living like that then what about your dear parents and others who care for you.”

“But what about my pain?”

“Nothing can erase the pain of losing your dear ones but you just have to act that you are fine. And wouldn’t it hurt your loved ones that you are destroying your life.”

“What you want?”

“I want you to be happy. I am not telling you to forget me. Just want you to be happy and always remember I will always be in your heart. After all we are best friends forever.”

With this Hailey disappeared and Claire woke up with a start. It was all a dream but she learned her lesson from it. For Hailey and her family she will live and not just exist.


5 thoughts on “Best Friends Forever

  1. Munno says:

    Nice story…………..

  2. Lizard says:

    I like the story

  3. sherry says:

    is it ur creation ?

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