Now and Soon

Here you are,

Preparing to start a new beginning.


Here I am,

Thinking that soon your face will fade away.


Now you are here 


Soon you will be gone.


Just the thought 

Make the tears come into my eyes.


Know sooner or later everyone have to go,

But I have always been bad at saying Goodbyes.


And soon I have to say it to You…

For you cousin who I love like a sister.

I was crying while writing it. Hope you can feel what I am feeling.


4 thoughts on “Now and Soon

  1. Sherry says:

    😦 I wish it was easier. makes one think how soon time passes. I hope new beginnings are as beautiful as the ones a person leaves behind.

    btw loved it..!! 🙂

  2. fizzah irfan says:

    nice yr ❤ i think you should post ur poems in newspaper………

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