Are We Soulless???

True incident: One girl, covering her head with dupatta was sitting on the bike with her brother. The bike stopped at a signal where one guy on the pavement snatched the girl’s dupatta. It slipped from her head and she screamed and grabbed her dupatta and as soon as the signal opened her brother quickly drove away.

A lot of people were there, they watched and drove away. Some complaining about our generation, some cursing but none of them tried to do anything. The guy was right there in front of them, walking away but no!

Of course the brother had to drive away. He couldn’t jump into fighting with his sister there. He did the right thing to get her away from that place. But what about other people? Some of them could have knock some sense in that guy.

And what that guy got from this??? What is the fun this??? What is so great about ruining someone’s life like that???

Though I agree no quick solution comes to your mind at that very moment. But as we all know this kind of stuff have become so common so we should  all be prepared.

Think it this way, that girl could have been your sister, then wouldn’t you want someone to beat that guy up! Being a girl doesn’t give us much of a choice but hey boys out there be a man!

Seeing a crime and not doing anything about it makes you a criminal as well.

So, now tell me honestly are we soulless or is there any dignity left in us????????????????????????????



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