A Poem for You: Fari

When she walks by,

She is hard to miss.


Once you get to know her,

She is even harder to forget.


She is jolly as a dolly,

She is energetic as a bunny,

She is sly as a fox.


Sometimes she can be a cry baby,

But still I can’t think of a single reason to hate her.


She is a good person,

She is a good friend,

She is a good entertainer,

She is a good listener.


She got a negative opinion about herself,

But always looking for others to say something positive.


Just believe in yourself girl,

And you can reach the finish line.


Best of luck………


4 thoughts on “A Poem for You: Fari

  1. modest says:

    hahha its fo fari . wowwwwwwwww nice hhhahha

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