After All Those Years……….

Yesterday we got together,

After all those years.


You haven’t changed much,

And it is a good thing.


We sat together,

After all those years.


We talked,

And remembered the times of our good old days.


Do you remember this?

Do you remember that?


We kept on talking,

And got lost in the world of our own,

Until our moms snapped us out of it.


I had so much fun,

After all those years.


Felt like old times,

You made my day.

I don’t know what to say other than

“Thanks Buddy”


We hugged,

After all those years.


You always used to relax my soul,

Won’t let this cruel world come between us again,

Don’t want to lose you again.


I have learned one thing,

After all those years,

That how much I have missed you,

You used to make my day,

And you still do.


I hope I have proven to be a good friend,


You have proven to be the “Best”. 🙂


For my darling friend, Malo.

My very 1st Best Friend + a childhood friend. May she lives a happy and successful life.


6 thoughts on “After All Those Years……….

  1. heemal khawaja says:

    awww…..thats superb :))))) u r besttttttttttt dear and u proved that 🙂 girli i luv u seriously :*

  2. heemalk khawaja says:

    i luved it :))))

  3. ARISHA JUTT says:

    Really heart touching…..MASH ALLAH you both have a frndshp tht cannot b explaned by words …but one thing i wanna to write abut ur frndshp tht is smethng we called “REAL LOVE ” …you have a brilliant mind girl……. awsum :))….I read ur poems I am really inspired 🙂 sme motivational lines for u tht are not mine but smethng lik tht i wanna to write for u after reading ur emotins from ur poems ….

    It can be seen that there is no hope
    The desire is dying slowly
    The faith is fading
    There are tears each and every day
    You only see thorns around you
    The determination of conquering is no longer there
    The pursuit of that dream does no longer exists
    The courage of being something one day has vanished
    Visualization of that dream is blurred
    Life at times is not easy
    Life at times does not go to your direction
    But never give up

    Being challenged is part of being human
    Challenges are there to strengthen you
    So enjoy them and manipulate them
    To your own direction
    Hold on, it will be dawn
    The cock will crow, it will be dawn
    The morning star will shine, it will be dawn
    The darkness will be gone, it will be dawn
    The sun will shine, it will be dawn
    It will be dawn
    It will be dawn
    You will see the light one day
    If you are determined to conquer

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