Do You Remember….

Walking along the road

I saw a plane

And remembered…….


How we used to scream and wave at it

Even when we knew it was miles away

Even when we knew we were old enough not to act like that

I don’t know what it was about

But having you guys by my side was the only thing that matters.


Passing by the market

I saw all those shops

We used to go

And remembered…….


How we used to enter and goof around

So lost in our world

That we didn’t even care what people were thinking

Only thing that matters was that we were together


Moving in a lift

I remembered………


The time we travelled in it and took photos

People may we thinking we are so crazy

But the only thing that matters to us back then

Was that we were together


I remember all those times

All those laughter,

All those craziness,

All those care and love,

Do you remember??????


For those people with whom i had all these times

I don’t think they remember:(

But it still makes a good poetry:)


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