The Magnet

“What a boring day.” said Claire

“Yah, I feel so gloomy.”  said Amanda

“Come on guys, cheer up. Look forward to a beautiful day.”

“Beautiful day? Are you kidding? The sun is shinning on our heads.”

“Yah I think it got to your head, are you sure you ok, Gail?”

“Why are you smiling Gail?”

“At you, guys?”

“Mind if I ask why?” asked Claire with an annoyed expression.

“Did it ever matter to us how the weather is, when we are together.”

“I was pointing towards this fact. Every evening we get together and forget all our worries, right?”

Amanda and Claire nodded.

“Then what you guys are waiting for? Cheer up!”

And the car was filled with the laughter of these three friends.


“Now what we do?”

“How about……… no I got nothing.”

“Gail ?”

“How about we record our group song? I think our group should have song too. What you think?”

“Hey, it was just an idea. Don’t look at me like that. Why are you guys looking at me like that?”

“That’s an awesome idea.” Claire and Amanda said together.

They started bouncing. Claire went to get pencil and paper while Amanda started thinking already. Gail stared at them and smiled and silently prayed that they always remain like this, happy and together.

“Ok, here is the paper and pencil and here we are. So, let’s start using our heads.”

They indulged themselves in their song that they didn’t realize that it was time to go home. They had to delay the recording of their song. They said goodbye and with the song still in their heads went their ways.


“I can’t wait to get home.”

“Yah me neither.”

“Where’s Gail?”

“With her friends. You know at school she spends more time with her class fellows.”

“Yah well she is lucky. At least she got friends. Girls in my class are so annoying and also I feel they don’t like our friendship.”

“You know Amanda I felt that too.”

Amanda raised her hands and with a serious face said, “God protect our friendship from bad people.”

And they both laughed.

“So, girls ready to sing our song?”

“Amanda you ok with guitar?”


“Ready Claire ?”


“1, 2, 3 let’s do it.”

Here we are

Holding on to each other

No matter what

We are gonna stay together

Who knows what happens now, whatever

Wherever the wind blows

And I am there as long as we are together

Oh right

Let’s have a time of our lives

Like there is no one else around

Just throw your hands up high

Even when they try to take us down

We are having the times of our lives

Let’s laugh until we cry

Life is only what you make now

So just have a time of our lives

LIVES (repeat till fade)

“That was awesome.”

“I love it.”

“And we are living it.”

They started dancing and singing their song. Then they group hugged. They were the ideal friends. Something we don’t see often. Such a relationship, everybody can mistake them for sisters.


“Hey Claire, there is a new girl in my class. She is nice. And guess what, she likes everything that I like. Isn’t it cool?”

“What you looking at? You know she is like us. She likes the kind of stuff we do. Nobody was accepting her so I talked to her and I think we are already friends.”

“Amanda, you know you told me to meet me you like hours ago. I had to miss my class because you said you wanted to talk about something urgent and here you are talking about some new girl in your class and how cool she is. Don’t tell me this is THE important thing you wanted to talk about.”

“Ahmm…Claire I am sorry I completely forgot. After I send you that note I met Maggie, the new girl you know. Ahmm… and i was upset just wanna share with you but guess what you don’t have to hear to my blah blah. I feel a lot better after talking to Maggie.”

“Oook, looks like I am not needed right now. So if you excuse me I got to attend a class. Cya at lunch.”


Claire waited for Amanda outside the café door but she didn’t come. She grew worried. Some girl came and said, “What you doing here? Amanda is inside with Maggie,”

Claire was silent for a moment. She felt hurt and a bit jealous of this new girl. She looked in the café and there they were sitting on the same table she and Amanda used to sit. Shaking her head she thought to her herself, “What am I thinking, so what if she have a new friend. That not gonna affect our friendship.” With that she moved toward the table, dragged a chair and sat down.

“Hey Claire, you are late.”

“Yah because someone forgot to wait for me at the café door.”

There was something in Claire’s voice that for a little while Amanda was taken aback. But then Claire suddenly turned to Maggie and said, “Hey I am Claire you must be Maggie.”

Maggie shaked hands but Claire felt she didn’t like her being there. She stayed for awhile. Tried to talk. But Maggie wasn’t giving her a chance to speak so she just listened. Amanda was so happy and she hardly noticed Claire’s discomfort. Soon Claire got tired and excused herself.


“Claire where were you yesterday? I looked for you everywhere then one of the girls told me that you have gone home. Then I waited for Amanda, do you know she got a new friend what’s her name ahmm…”


“Yeh Maggie. Looks like you have met her already.”


“What’s the matter? Why are you talking like this?”

“Like what?”

“Seems like you are not here. What’s the matter?”


“Is it because of Maggie? Are you jealous?” Gail said teasingly.

“Why should I be jealous? Amanda got a friend, so what! It’s her life she can have anyone as a friend. I don’t care.”

“Sweetie I wasn’t born today. Amanda is your friend and I know how you feel about her. Don’t say you don’t care because I know you do…a lot…And you are sitting here alone, lost in thought. Don’t you think that’s a little weird for someone like you who spends every break with her dear friend? Everyone knows that.”

Claire sobbed.

“Claire, sweetie…”

Gail hugged her and the poor thing started crying.

“She was so absorbed in talking with her ‘new friend’ I was feeling I was invisible. And she didn’t wait for me at the café door. She just met Maggie yesterday and she forgot everything. What you expect in future?” said Claire with tears running down her cheeks.

Gail just sat there with her face in her hands. After some time she said, “You know jealousy destroys friendship. You should give Maggie a chance though I don’t like her much either she is kinda…whatever.”

“I am not jealous!”

“So what is this? Love? Honey, face the truth and stick to your friendship by backing away you are giving Maggie a chance to take your place.”

Claire was horrified. “She is trying to take my place?”

“No, no i… I didn’t mean that. What I mean was that you should not sit alone with this face. Amanda’s friends are your friends too so shake hands and be happy. Ok?”


“There you guys are. I have been waiting for you at the café Claire, why didn’t you come.”

Gail spoke for her. “Claire wasn’t feeling ok, wanted a little time to compose herself now she is feeling a lot better right Claire?”


“Oh am so sorry I didn’t know. I should have come earlier. I left Maggie at the café, wait.”

Claire almost thought that Amanda was leaving her here and back to that ‘Maggie’. But instead she called a girl and asked her to tell Maggie that she won’t be able to join her at the café today.

Claire didn’t know what to say. Amanda came and sat with Claire with her arm around her shoulders.

Claire was trying hard to control her tears whereas Gail was smiling a secret smile 🙂

“Looks like my work here is done I must go back to my friends. You ok Claire?”


“If she isn’t now don’t worry I am here she will be in a sec.”

Gail smiled. “Right.”

She walked away. Claire looked after her and thought that Gail was right. She smiled. She was happy to have a friend who understands them so well. Then she turned to Amanda and started talking like before.

But what none of them noticed was Maggie standing not far away from them. She had a look in her eyes that could not be placed in any category except hatred!


Everything went well for a while. But as you know clouds of blessing never stays late, though they can leave early. You just have to learn to smile for better and worse. Sometimes you forget to, in that case having someone to stand by your side is a gift!

Things were going ok. Gail had to go out of state for a while, so she bid goodbye to her friends and told them to take care of themselves. They group hugged and Gail left. That’s where the trouble started….


At break time, Claire waited at the café door as always but Amanda didn’t come. So she went to her class to check if everything is ok. Amanda seems to be having a great time with Maggie.

“Not again.” muttered Claire.

She walked in; Amanda’s back was towards her. Reaching her she said, “Someone forgot to come to café door.” She was about to say again but she bit that back.

Amanda whirled around. Looked her up and down and turned around to talk to Maggie. Claire frowned and said, “Hey what did I do.”

“Like you don’t know.” There was something in Amanda’s voice. Something like hatred. Claire was taken aback.

“No, I don’t. That’s why I am asking.”

“Oh really? Will you give us a minute Maggie? I have to straight things out with her.”

After taking a deep breath she almost screamed, “I thought we were friends. Friends who understand each other, who become happy for each other, who cared not someone who will go behind your back and fake to be you and say horrible things to your friends. Are you jealous? Claire I thought…. Hey my friends are yours too. Why did you do it? Can’t I have other friends?”

Claire was shocked. “What are you saying?”

“What am saying? Claire how could you fake to be me and tell Maggie that she is ugly, I don’t wanna see her ever again, she is dumb and a lot of horrible stuff. Why did you do it?”

“But I didn’t. Honestly.”

“But your number is on her cell. I don’t think so she ever gave you her number or took you took her’s neither you took it from me huh!”

“No, no it’s all wrong I didn’t call her. I swear.” Claire almost cried.

“Claire I thought so too that somehow it couldn’t be you but the proof points to you.” By now Amanda had tears in her eyes as well.

“Amanda…fine I was a bit jealous of her but I would never do this. You got to believe me.”

“I want to Claire…I want to….But I guess you just broke the trust between us. Goodbye Claire.” Amanda sniffed and turned away. “Come on Maggie, I need to get away from here.”

Whereas for Claire the world seemed to fell apart. Every one watching this was as shocked as Claire. But they don’t feel the pain that Claire was feeling at that moment. She ran from the class crying. Went to her class and cried her eyes out. She didn’t understand what just happened. She didn’t do that then why is she being punished like this? Why Amanda didn’t believe her?

The bell rang indicating that the break was over. After that all the classes she took, she wasn’t really there. The teachers noticed that too, after all she was a pretty talkative kid. Girls told them the whole scene. By now everyone knew what had happened. But to Claire it just didn’t make any sense. Like how her number got in Maggie’s cell? When she would never go this far even if she was jealous.

In the bus when she looked at Amanda, she looked away. Maggie was there too with Amanda. The seat which was Claire’s was occupied by someone else. Whereas before, they always saved a seat for each other whoever came early. Claire wanted to cry, scream at Amanda that she didn’t do it. Instead she took another seat and tried to hold back her tears. She was really broken. And Amanda was hurt and angry. She looked at Claire once or twice. She herself was feeling like crying.

They got of bus and without saying a word went their way. Amanda and Maggie together whereas Claire alone! On reaching home, she played the role of a happy girl for her family. But on reaching her room she completely broke down.

She cried herself to sleep. When she woke up she wanted to talk to someone about what happened. And only person she could talk to about this was Gail but she was away, out of the reach of contact. Suddenly she was angry at Gail for leaving, angry at Amanda for not believing her, hating herself. She was torn apart and there was no one to heal her.

Every morning she went to school, and came back with a heavy heart. She felt so alone. Amanda was there but not with her, she wouldn’t even glance her way at least not that she knew of. She was wishing for Gail to come home early. But it took longer than she was expected. She was delayed. And Claire was desperate. She tried to live with it, cope with it until Gail returns. But it was hard, pretty hard.

Whereas Amanda was hurt and she wanted to go back to Claire. She didn’t want to believe all this but she couldn’t ignore the proof as well. She wanted Gail too to talk, she would understand. But looks like this had to wait as Gail was delayed. Both the broken hearted girls stayed away from each other, trying their best to ignore each other. At least Amanda had a friend not like Claire.

Finally came the day when Gail arrived. She didn’t tell her friends because she wanted to give them a surprise. She asked their parents to send them to a particular place. So their parents made an excuse to get the girls separately there. They left after dropping them off. They saw each other and was about to turn away when they saw Gail. Both screamed with joy and ran for a hug that turned out to be a group hug. Realizing Claire and Amanda pulled away quickly. And started acting weird. Gail was a bit surprised to see that.

“What happened, guys?”

“Nothing.” said Claire and Amanda at the same time.

“How are you? What are you doing here?” said Claire ignoring the moment.

“Yah and why didn’t you tell us you were coming?” asked Amanda joining in.

“I am fine, I just got here and I wanted to give you guys a surprise and I guess you guys got something for me as well, right?”

“We? No.” Again they said it together, looked at each other and looked away.

“Really! Because I think you guys are acting kind of weird.”

“No. Weird. What are you talking about?” Amanda faked a laugh.

“I think we should head back. Its amm…. getting dark and you must be tired and…And I got a lot of homework.”

Yah I got to go to. Take care. Cya.

Gail just stared at them. She knew something was wrong for sure. You can’t call it sixth sense or something. Its plain common sense! They were definitely hiding something but what. That is something to find out. So she walked home thinking about her two perfect little friends.

For days she watched them lying to her, faking, so far from each other…. Whenever she tried to talk about it they changed the subject. At school they no longer hang together, Claire alone and Amanda with Maggie. She felt Maggie was trying to break them, have Amanda for herself. Selfish! She even learned what happened that day. How Amanda accused Claire and why. Putting two and two together she figured it out. Did I tell you Gail is very protective for her gang?

She muttered to herself, “We welcome any new member in our group but if that person tries to break us well it’s probably the last thing she ever does.”

Right then if you had looked at her, you would have seen a wild look in her eyes. So not like Gail, so not like the cool headed girl. But when someone is trying to burn you world down you got to stand for something or you will fall for anything.

Now she only had to make a plan.

Next day at school, Gail found Maggie alone in the class as Amanda was absent. PERFECT!!!

She went to her and after pleasant greetings she asked Maggie that what’s all this about. At first Maggie told her all she already knew but when she told her that Claire would never do it no matter how jealous she is.

“Claire is a hyper girl alright but she will never go that far. I know my little friends quite well than you do. Amanda always goes for the facts, she doesn’t believe in simple story just like that. She requires facts and I guess someone gave her and forced her to believe that her best friend is the culprit. And I think I know who that someone is. You.

“Are you accusing me? Don’t you think you will need a proof for your friend?” sneered Maggie.

“I certainly will and you will give it to me yourself.”

“Ha, you guys are really a crazy bunch. Claire is just a waste, thinks she is very clever. Ha. I am clever. I am the who got Amanda wrapped around the finger. It’s me who was genius enough to get Claire’s number on my cell and that’s all I needed to convince Amanda that her friend is the culprit. Soon I will get you out of my way too and I will have Amanda to myself. Ha!”

“You are pretty selfish. Don’t you think?”

“Yah well I am genius. And also I don’t like sharing my things.”

“Amanda is not your thing.” Gail almost screamed.

“Do whatever you want. I have got her wrapped around my finger and she will believe me and not you goofs!”

“We will see.”

“If you are planning to tell her what I just told you well good luck with that. Remember she believes in facts. But you can tell her, it will help me to dispose you off too. Ha-ha.”Sneered Maggie.

Gail just smiled and walked away. Next day in the bus she saw all three of them and smiled to herself. All the way to school she went over and over her plan. It wasn’t much but she wanted it to be perfect.

On arriving she and Claire started towards school gate with Amanda and Maggie in a tow. Claire was sad, she haven’t smile in quite a while. And Amanda was also somewhere else. Looking at her friends, angered Gail but she had to remain calm. This was her first and last chance to beat the beast!


Gail gathered everybody in the assembly ground, separating her two friends and the Maggie from the crowd and telling them to stand on her side. Everyone was there the students, the teachers, everybody in the school. Maggie was a little tensed and that look made Gail satisfied. After everyone was there, Gail said, “I gathered everybody here to set an example that whoever try to break us, ‘the teen spirit.’ Can’t get away with it! And also I want to introduce the real culprit living between us all the time.

Maggie turned weak, she was looking like she was about to faint. Though she was still hopeful as nobody will believe Gail words as they are just words! But when she saw the mobile in Gail’s hand, she was definitely going to puke. 🙂

Gail looked at Maggie and played the tape. Every word Maggie said about trapping them, wrapping Amanda around her finger, cutting Gail from the group. Everything, word by word came pouring out the cell. Every eye turned towards Maggie. Amanda stepped away from her, a mixture of shock and hatred on her face. She looked over at Claire who was standing a little of the way and mouthed sorry! Claire smiled and then came the hug. While Gail looked at Maggie, who was red in face by now. (Serves her right!). Gail went to her and said, “If it is not obvious, you lose!”

Maggie looked at Amanda and tried her last try, “Amanda you don’t believe that do you? It’s all…these…these witches plan. I am your friend and a friend would never do this. Huh?”

Amanda left Claire’s side and went to her. Everyone become silent then Amanda slapped her. There were some oohs and Haas, Claire and Gail was also wide eyed.

“You are right; my friend would never do anything to hurt me. And she didn’t. I was at mistake, I was calling the wrong person my friend.” She looked at Gail and Claire, smiled and continued, I got the world’s greatest friends. Sorry guys I let you down.” Said Amanda drying her tears.

“You are forgiven. That’s what true friends are for. They don’t hold grudges forever. Right Claire.”

“Yep….we missed you, Amanda.”

“I miss you guys too. So we are friends?”

“We were never enemies!” smiled Gail.

The threesome smiled. That’s when the bell rang. So they group hugged and went to their classes with a smile on their faces. Whereas Maggie had already left, when? Well nobody noticed. The sky was beautiful. Everything was back to normal. Everything was beautiful.


“Hey the magnet saved us again.”

“You got that right Amanda, we can always depend on her to bring us together and keep us there.”

Claire dogged a pillow that came towards her by Gail.

“Will you guys stop it?”

“No.” shouted Amanda and Claire together and high slapped.

Gail made a face then picked a pillow. That’s how the pillow fight started.


It felt good to be back again. They learned their lessons and I hope you did yours.


  *Points To Remember*

  •       Friendship is not all about similarities; it is also about accepting each other’s differences.
  •       If your friendship is under some threat, don’t hesitate to stand for it. You may fail but at least it’s better than living with regret that you never tried.
  •       Making new friends is not a crime but you should never let anyone control you.
  •       Make such friends who can hold you when you fall, not those who are there as long as you stand.
  •       Walking with a friend in a dark is better than walking alone in a light.
  •       When you care about someone, there’s always room for change.
  •       Friends don’t hold grudge against each other for too long.                                          


Thank you. I hope you like it.

It’s my first story. The title just popped up in my mind.

The reference is taken from own my life.

But it is not entirely about me or my experience; I just needed a base, a plot or something because it makes it easy to write.


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