Don’t You Forget……

She got a smile,

That only heaven can make.
I pray to God everyday,
That she gets to keep that smile, on her face.
She is
A daddy’s princess,
A mommy’s angel,
A sparkle for her brother and sisters.
She can change your life,
But don’t you forget to beautify hers too.
She is a good listener,
But hear her out too.
She can sacrifice her needs for you,
But don’t you forget to fulfill hers too.
She can be a good companion,
But you got to stay by her side too.
When she is sad,
Cheer her up.
When she is happy,
Just don’t you forget
She is our sweet princess,
our beautiful angel.
She is our shine,
our sparkle.

Just don’t forget.


Wrote it for my sister-like-cousin’s husband as a request.


2 thoughts on “Don’t You Forget……

  1. rehan says:

    thnx alot, n i ll nvr forget nythng………..

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